Computer Science & Engineering

Department: Computer Science & Engineering

We educate tomorrow's innovators, conduct cutting-edge research in most of the principal areas of the field, and lead a broad range of multi-disciplinary initiatives that demonstrate the transformative power of computer science and engineering.

Our graduates have distinguished themselves in higher studies at the top Universities. They also occupy positions of eminence in the computer industry. Our Alumni remain in constant touch with us and are contributing in the development of the department. Placements for our graduates are the best. 


Courses Offered

Sl. No Course Level Sanctioned Intake
1 Computer Science & Engineering Under Graduate 60
2 Recognized as Research Center under VTU Ph.D NA

Facilities available

  • Computer Programming Lab
  • Data Structures with C/C++ Laboratory
  • Electronic Circuits and Logic Design Laboratory
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms Laboratory
  • Microprocessors Laboratory
  • Database Applications Laboratory
  • Systems Software and Operating Systems Laboratory
  • Computer Graphics and Visualization Laboratory
  • UNIX System Programming and Compiler Design Laboratory
  • 40 Mbps connectivity under NMEICT
Department Computer Science & Engineering

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Students Review

Priya Muchandikar

Priya Muchandikar

4 years of intense grooming and sharpening skills sets is something that I have undergone.

Omkar Nevgi

Omkar Nevgi

Ambience, atmosphere and the people around you is the biggest detemination of one's reason to Succeed and be motivated.